Can JavaScript email a form?

NO! JavaScript can’t email a form! but, there are alternatives to send the form data to an email address.

There is no direct method provided by JavaScript to send the data submitted in the form to an email address.

The main concern for not providing a ‘JavaScript email form’ feature is security.
Suppose there is a feature in JavaScript to send email. Some malicious coder can write a script to send email to some address immediately when you visit their page. This will reveal your email address to some third party without your knowledge. They will start filling your mail box with lots of spam messages! However, there are alternatives as explained below.

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Using ‘mailto:’

You can use ‘’ in the action field of the form. When the user presses the submit button of the form, the browser will first show a warning box that the user’s email address will be revealed to the recipient.
mailto dialog box

If the user decides to proceed, the form data will be sent to the address mentioned in the mailto: tag. The browser will open the default mail client to send the data by email.

Sample Code

<form action="" method="post" enctype="text/plain" >
FirstName:<input type="text" name="FirstName">
Email:<input type="text" name="Email">
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit">

See the sample code above at work:
JavaScript mail Form Example 1

Notice that this method does not require JavaScript at all.

Disadvantages of ‘mailto:’ method

It is not possible to control the formatting of the form data. The data submitted in the form is sent by the browser. You can’t control the layout of the data.

Browser shows the warning window before sending the data. It may prevent the visitor from submitting the form.

Using Server side script to send email

The right way to send form submissions to email is by receiving the form submissions in a server-side script and then sending the email. The server side scripting language (like PHP Perl, ASP) has more features and facilities to send the email.

Learn More:

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  • Hello,
    How to write for sending email notification code, when register the new user using visualforce cusom page, it will be automatically sending email to admin using javascript. please give me any related examples

  • Try all that in a real world senerio with Redvoltex development studio. Just draw your elements using a mouse anywhere on the screen and control it with CSS and JavaScript easily. You can even use JavaScript frameworks to do more cool stuff within the app. For more information.

  • If you’re just trying to email yourself, you can use a hosted service like You can use javascript or even just plain HTML to send an email without any backend code (or a backend at all, works fine with static sites).

  • Yes javascript can to. You use mandrill and use its api

    it really isnt that hard.

    • No; Javascript can not send email.
      Javascript can do ajax, which calls some server for a service. Server does the actual work.
      The actual handling is done on the server side.
      That exactly is the point of this article.(“There is no direct method provided by JavaScript to send…” Javascript has to use an API, or a service running on the server side.)

      Moreover, exposing your mandril API key in the Javascript code is wrong. Anyone can get it from your code and misuse it.

  • Tt

  • Im gonna do an internet!


    $MMto = $_SESSION[‘MM_email’][$_SESSION[‘MM_next’]];
    $MMhead = $_POST[‘MM_head’];
    $MMsubj = $_POST[‘MM_subj’];
    $MMmsg = $_POST[‘MM_msg’];

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  • You need a PHP script t send mail through html form
    Refer to

  • I have a problem with large e-mail list. How can we handle the large email list with the javascript email..? Thanks for your time.

  • Hello,
    I am trying to develop a directory in HTML. But the problem is form submission. I want to do that, when some one will submit the form, the data of the form would mailed to me internally. But the form is mailing me, but it is not working as I want, It is mailing by popup means it works as HTML code “mailto:” works. Can any one help me to do it.

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  • Very helpful, can I avoid these warnings from ie ?

  • Thanks that was helpful

  • Mailto method can be used in certain cases but not in all the cases because sometimes when the warning is ignored our mail address can get revealed.


  • PHP/Perl/ASP is the way to go. The mailto: option is never good.

  • If it wasn’t for the warning that the user gets before sending the form I would probably use this method. Now i guess I have to use php.