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JavaScript Form Validations Made Easy!

Here is a simple script that will make form validations easier. Contains full documentation and examples.

JavaScript Form Validation in easy steps

Some More Features Form Validation

HTML Form Tutorial

A basic, simple tutorial on HTML Form. Both a beginners guide and a reference

HTML Form Tutorial – Page1 . Page 2 . Page 3 . Page 4

The Form Tag The Form Submit Button

Form design software : about Simfatic Forms – A quick, easy to use, form design software

JavaScript Form Handling

You can enhance the functionality of your web forms using JavaScript. This section contains articles that shows you some of the JavaScript form tricks.
Read More: JavaScript Form Handling

Submit a form using JavaScript

Sometimes, you may need to submit the form programmatically using JavaScript.
Submitting a form using JavaScript

Switching the form action field dynamically

JavaScript Button

Can JavaScript Email a form?

You want the data submitted by the user in the HTML form to be emailed to you.
Can JavaScript Email a Form?

JavaScript Popup Windows

JavaScript Popup Windows

The window.open method

The window.close method