Quoted from the wikipedia The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea (c. 60100 CE) gives an elaborate description of the Tamil country:[9] "...then come Naura and Tyndis, the first markets of Damirica (Limyrike), and then Muziris and Nelcynda, which are now of leading importance. Tyndis is of the Kingdom of Cerobothra; it is a village in plain sight by the sea. Muziris, of the same Kingdom, abounds in ships sent there with cargoes from Arabia, and by the Greeks; it is located on a river, distant from Tyndis by river and sea five hundred stadia, and up the river from the shore twenty stadia...Nelcynda is distant from Muziris by river and sea about five hundred stadia, and is of another Kingdom, the Pandian (Pandya kingdom). This place also is situated on a river, about one hundred and twenty stadia from the sea... "There is exported pepper, which is produced in only one region near these markets, a district called Cottonara (Kuttanadu)"